Yosemite Coffee


Established in 2005

A small town company packing big, robust flavor!

Our parent company, Pony Expresso, was purchased by Bill and Amy Eaton in 2005, bringing the community of Mariposa and surrounding areas, a unique blend of traditional coffee brews and flavors.  Pony Expresso has been voted Best of the Best coffee shop for 10 years+ by giving back to the community and offering small batch, fresh roasted coffee.

In 2005, Yosemite Coffee was created giving the community a clean, high quality option to choose from when it came to their coffee.  Yosemite Coffee is roasted on site almost daily using single origin beans . Yosemite Coffee is a Micro-roaster committed to sourcing coffee that speaks directly to the region of origination. Whether they come from a small family farm or a larger cooperative, Yosemite Coffee roasts in very small batches by hand and great care is always given to each lot and origin with the aim at ultimate flavor.


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It's what's on the inside that counts

Bill  & Amy


Bill and Amy Eaton bought Pony Expresso in 2005 when they saw the opportunity to bring an authentic coffee house to small-town Mariposa, California. They also began Yosemite Coffee™, which provides Pony Expresso with coffee beans. They run on the beliefs that all of the coffee they serve will be organic and roasted in house.  They are also firm believers in Clean Coffee which is coffee that has been grown, harvested and roasted in a humane, sustainable process. They invite you to visit them today and try a cup of their award winning coffee.  After you take a sip and fall in love with the rich, satisfying brew, stop by the store to have a bag shipped right to your doorstep to enjoy from the comfort of your own home.